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invisable Me - articles & features

Impro game - Jonathan & Luke - November 2017 - act4ward

This section should perhaps be called "and everything else".

Everything here is to help and interest those either contemplating or actually working on invisAble me.

It is written presuming little to no knowledge of acting or modeling, and I ask those professional actors out there to remember how long it took to understand Stanislavski's System, or The Meisner Technique or any other acting method.

Then understand why when someone is just discovering drama it might actually complicate things or even put them off!

The idea behind invisAble me is to enjoy the process of taking part and not be intimidated by it.

To treat the camera or the microphone as your friend and to understand how you make the drama work.

Sometimes the drama may be dark, sometimes comical maybe even autobiographical but the aim all the time is to learn from it , build upon it and most importantly enjoy the experience.

And after all that effort we have the final result to look at, not just now but in the future, bringing back hopefully fond memories of your time here and the difference it may have made in confidence and outlook for the future.


William David

May 2019


Luke Blackmore - December 2018 [act4ward]



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