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invisable Me - The Filming

How video has changed priority - LOTF workshop May 2015

Lord of The Flies read throgh- video just records for reference act4ward 

                       actor :- Jonathan Thorp - act4ward 2018                 

Once upon a time film stock was very expensive to buy and process. Also the camera was a complicated, technical beast about which few understood its mysteries. Consequently filmmaking was the domain of a privileged few. Now digital cameras are so cheap and so simple a child can operate one — and there’s no film. It’s free! Anyone can tell their stories.   {Alan Parker - Director/Producer/Writer]


Early Halfling Project promo shot [2015]

Invisable me is a story of many stories - it is planned to be both light and dark, comedic and dramatic - yes it has a structure - but like The Halfling Project itself it can and will adapt as if moves forward.

So much of the potential of invisable me is those who take part - it is they who have the power to make it work.

Invisable me - whilst it has a core storyboard around autism and exclusion, is not just about autism.

Also it is not set to identify autistic actors within it's ranks - unless somebody taking part chooses to open up on camra as themselves all will be playing characters not themselves.

Many I work with - contary to what you might have concluded are not on the spectrum or subject to special needs support.

Indeed the reason act4ward began was to seperate The Halfling Project from the drama work so that any boy could feel free to take part without being labeled "special". 

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