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invisable Me - The Filming

                                        A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera. 
                                                                                            Dorothea Lange


I always consider myself a stills photographer first and foremost, but actually I made simple films as a boy [mainly animation] and recorded sound from about the same time.

Indeed it was cost more than anything which limited my film making.

The equipment used when I was training was by todays standard very basic indeed - no live sound - no quiet operation, poor low light results and constants hair in the gate!

At Anglia Television clockwork Bolex 16mm cameras were used with a set soundtrack of noise for general non interview news items. I once turned up with Anglia TV sporting the then new all in one sound movie camera from Cosina and it created more interest than the event we were filming!

Now with the D SLR I can use the same camera for stills and HD video if I choose - or camcorders with more functions than most of us ever need.

Some actors within the autistic spectrum "see" their character before even playing him, see the story, see the film or play.

I have as long as I can remember the same ability - with stills I know the image often before it's taken with video I know the result I want from the work.

With modern equipment it is amazing how your forward thinking imagination can be realised with relative ease.

As a photo and film lecturer I used to look forward to meeting the students who had this abilty - they were the ones who shone - where others just followed slowly!

If, as I was recently your lucky enougth to work with an actor who works this way, then as a photographer, director or filmaker you are indeed very lucky indeed. As a casting director - casting actors with such talent is an asset to the production - solongs they also follow others direction!!

Hopefully I will find such talent within the actors on invisable me - quite likely I'm pleased to say.

Filming invisable me will mainly be by digital SLR with camcorder backup.

This should be a good combination to shoot simply but to high quality with the minimum of setup.




The digital SLR is an ideal pro standard movie maker but also for pro standard stills.  Actor Jonathan Thorp - 2018 - act4ward