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The Halfling Project & act4ward present 

invisable me


InvisAble me is a project within a project - taking its foundations from the halfling project - but building up a multimedia platform with act4ward.

The concept is to use simple drama techniques to build up a collection of performances in the form of video, photography and creative process illustrating childhood and youth - both factual and fictitious.

The project is community-based - and not set for profit - the aim to build up personal self-confidence in those taking part and preparation for the next step in life or performance.

It has a strong special needs support remit but is open to ALL boys from around 10 up - with a simple selection process. Some work will include mixed groups.

The ultimate aim is to produce a film called "InvisAble Me" - but to be clear it is not a commercial short or feature - those taking part are the priority - it is how we get there that matters.

The project is set to be informal and fun. It can be solo work or groups/workshops.

It will encourage any boy who wants to have a go and not just drama students or actors.

The aim is too have new talent as a priority backed up by the more experienced or professional performer when appropriate.