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If you don't understand you

How can you expect others too?


Young people today live in a world vastly more confusing and fast moving then my generation or those previous. School is more demanding and social life is more demanding at an ever decreasing start age. 

Mobile phones and constant social integration is expected - schools send personal e.mails to their students and set homework by the internet, so they often feel there is no escape.

Creative subjects on the school curriculum are constantly under threat and considered low value, despite their value to children who may be struggling with school core subjects.

Enter the spanner in the works - what if that child is struggling, is on the autistic spectrum, is frightened, unable to relate or different in some way.

Where is the support - the understanding - the answer to their wellbeing?

While is is true there is more support than ever before, much of it is lacking.

It is a sad fact that many asked about an autistic child will describe one with downs syndrome or some other "visible challenge"

The Halfing Project challenges this view - it points out that to the casual observer an autistic child may appear no different to one without autism - and that an autistic child accepts any perception, education or social problems they have as their fault, and that there is nothing that can be done.

InvisAble Me [the spelling is intentional] is about boys who have problems invisible to their peers - often their parents and teachers.

It is not just about the autistic spectrum - it is about anything which is hidden by and sometimes to the child, about situations like being "the odd one out" the underachiever [or some the overachieving swat] - the boy who cannot engage in sports or physical activities - boys who are confused or confusing - often bullied and excluded.

The brief of invisAble me is to, by drama and film explore these invisible conditions, explore and explain them or simply bring them out into the open.

InvisABLE me is designed to be a positive message whilst still covering the darker side of "being different" as drama encourages.

For some young actors within the work taking part will bring it's own rewards in understanding and self-worth - although all characters in drama will be characters of fiction.

The aim of invisAble me is to promote understanding and debate in this area of childhood and growing up to adulthood and the purpose is the same.Casting will be split [but sometimes mixed between a playing age of 10-16 and then 16-23 approximately.